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Type: IT - Mumbai- Andheri west

Professional Training on Hadoop 2.X- Bigdata Analytics   More...

Duration: 50-60 Hours Prerequisites ? No specific programming background needed. Course Content 1. Java ? Overview of Java ? Classes and Objects ? Garbage Collection and Modifiers ? Inheritance, Aggregation, Polymorphism ? Command line argument ? Abstract class and Interfaces ? String Handling ? Exception Handling, Multithreading ? Serialization and Advanced Topics ? Collection Framework, GUI, JDBC 2. Linux ? Unix History & Over View ? Command line file-system browsing ? Bash/CORN Shell ? Users Groups and Permissions ? VI Editor ? Introduction to Process ? Basic Networking ? Shell Scripting live scenarios 3. SQL ? Introduction to SQL, Data Definition Language (DDL) ? Data Manipulation Language(DML) ? Operator and Sub Query ? Various Clauses, SQL Key Words ? Joins, Stored Procedures, Constraints, Triggers ? Cursors /Loops / IF Else / Try Catch, Index ? Data Manipulation Language (Advanced) ? Constraints, Triggers, ? Views, Index Advanced Hadoop - Bigdata 1. Introduction to Bigdata ? Introduction and relevance ? Uses of Big Data analytics in various industries like Telecom, E- commerce, Finance and Insurance etc. ? Problems with Traditional Large-Scale Systems 2. Hadoop (Big Data) Ecosystem ? Motivation for Hadoop ? Different types of projects by Apache ? Role of projects in the Hadoop Ecosystem ? Key technology foundations required for Big Data ? Limitations and Solutions of existing Data Analytics Architecture ? Comparison of t